Who is the real ‘You’ in YouTube?

By Christopher Carr

Recently one of my friends and I had been talking about starting up a YouTube channel and we joked about becoming famous for our comedy antics (believe me, tinfoil man is so much funnier after a couple of bottles of wine). However regardless of drunken conversations and skypes, where I may or may not have covered my head in tinfoil, over the summer break I was ardent about applying for an internship with the sociology department. I felt the experience would be so valuable for further study and future research; it would also be the perfect opportunity to gain professional experience with a lecturer in a field that interests me, plus the extra money would set me with tinfoil for life. Continue reading

Understanding human trafficking

The summer saw the Sociology team join forces with Politics and Psychology when the British Psychology Society – Social Psychology Section – conference was held here at CCCU. Our own Lorena Arocha presented, alongside Laura Cashman and John FitzGibbon in Politics as well as Nicola Abbott and Dennis Nigbur in Psychology.

Here is Lorena Arocha’s abstract:

“Over the last three decades, human trafficking has consolidated as a transnational social policy area (O’Connell Davidson, 2014), a problem to be recognised, identified and tackled. In 2014, we are marking a decade since the UN Trafficking Protocol came into force. Here, we look at the experiences of anti-trafficking interventions in two different countries, India and the UK. Based on qualitative research conducted in West Bengal in 2012 and in the South East of England in 2014 (ongoing), we examine policy and practice in two very different border regions. Continue reading

Job Vacancy – Director of new UK Institute for Migration Research.

Vacancy – Director of new UK Institute for Migration Research. Canterbury Christ Church University, in partnership with Migrant Help, has established the UK Institute for Migration Research (UK-IMR).

The Director of the UK-IMR will launch and develop this innovative Institute, producing cutting edge research in one of the most widely discussed areas of public policy today.

This new post offers the right individual a unique opportunity to develop the Institute from within a highly supportive collaboration and using their skills, track record and reputational standing to deliver high quality research and attract additional funding.

For further details, including how to apply, please visit: