Update! Student internships available this summer…

This summer Dr. Julia Carter and Dr. Lorena Arocha will be running two separate paid internships for students in sociology and across the university. Julia will be looking into weddings and popular culture, specifically seeking to analyse blogs and forums dedicated to wedding preparation and their discourses. Lorena will be continuing her research into human trafficking and migration, exploring comparative policies found in the UK and continental Europe. She will be looking ideally for a candidate who has strong language skills with a European language other than English.

Julia’s research abstract:

“Marriage and weddings are subject to constant discussion and representation, whether in films, on TV, in the media or in magazines and on the internet. As we know a little about why individuals chose to marry, we now want to find out how these decisions are guided and what is contained in the various messages and discourses perpetuated in public life. Specifically we are interested in the discourses surrounding: what type of wedding people have, whether traditional or alternative, and how this decision is managed; how individuals make decisions about their naming practices after marriage (who changes their surname and why); and how and to what extent the issue of weight and body image is a concern. This project will include: a literature review, a content analysis of internet blogs (such as hitched.co.uk), analysis of the data, a written report of the findings and subsequent dissemination of the findings.”


Lorena’s research abstract:

“We are looking for a student with an interest in human trafficking and modern slavery to work in a 10-week project that will contribute to our understanding of what works best in practice when tackling these forms of exploitation. The project will focus on anti-trafficking partnerships in the UK and one other European country. The intern should therefore be proficient in English and at least one other European language. The intern should be professional, able to communicate with people from various professional and personal backgrounds and disciplined and highly organised to work as part of a team but also independently under guidance. The intern should also have knowledge of research methods and have some understanding of the ethical and political practicalities of research.  The intern will be reviewing literature, developing and maintaining a database, contacting key agencies in the anti-trafficking field, conducting interviews and transcribing them. The intern will also contribute to writing a research report and academic publications as well as present in workshops or conferences.”

This research will contribute to outputs in both Julia and Lorena’s specialist fields and will be a great opportunity for students to gain research experience, work alongside an academic in their work, and gain skills suitable for graduate study or employment. 


If you are interested in applying, follow this link to the RED website where you will find full details: http://www.canterbury.ac.uk/centres/red/business-engagement/RED-schemes-students-2015.asp


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