Internship at the Wellcome Trust

By Fiona Lawrence, final year Sociology student.

During the summer I, alongside 23 other students, was accepted to work at the Wellcome Trust as part of its internship scheme. I had the opportunity to work with the learning and organisational development team within the HR department. Work included organising meetings for employees across the Trust, which involved diary checking on a regular basis. I also coordinated learning and development events and workshops, which involved sending out invitations, monitoring those who attended, and arranging catering.

I was also given the responsibility of coordinating the first ever comedy event, which was part of the MyCareer summer season of learning and development activities. My role was to design the tickets for the comedy event, to arrange the schedule, and to liaise with the compere and acts: six employees from the trust. The event was seen as a huge success with positive feedback from all those who attended. The money raised on the night came to £435 and all proceeds went to the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity heavily supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Alongside my day to day work, I also worked with fellow interns in making recommendations on Wellcome’s early talent programmes. The project included interviewing colleagues and representatives from other organisations. The company I visited was Camden Council, in order to understand schemes that they had for younger people like myself.  The work comprised report writing and preparing a presentation, where we had to present in front of a panel of judges.

During my final week, I was given the chance to work with the visitor experience team  based at the Wellcome Collection. I was able to spend a day with them to understand the role they play in engaging with the public, and to use the knowledge I gained to see how the learning and development team could support their personal development.

This was an opportunity of a lifetime. The Wellcome Trust are currently offering a graduate position in investments for anyone who is nearing their degree and would like to gain valuable experience in large global organisation: please take a look!


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