Our Summer in Sociology

The Sociology team had a busy summer attending and taking part in various national and international conferences, as well as running student internships, workshops and inter-disciplinary events. The programme had a strong contingent at this year’s British Sociological Association Conference at Aston University in Birmingham, with Dr Jennie Bristow, Dr Harshad Keval, Dr Rachel Thwaites and Dr Julia Carter all presenting their latest research. Sociology at CCCU also had a strong representation at this year’s International Sociological Association Forum held at the University of Vienna, where Dr Matthew Ogilvie, Dr Julia Carter and Dr Lorena Arocha attended and presented their work.

Other activities that members of staff took part in include: Lidis Garbovan presenting at a conference at Birmingham City University entitled Fieldwork: doing ethnographic research in June, Lidis’ paper was called ‘Micro-narratives of knowledge in Exile. Towards a Post-critical Ethnography?’; Dr Rachel Thwaites attended the Gender, Work and Organisation Conference at Keele University and also took part in a workshop with the UK Data Service on 28 September 2016.

Dr Jennie Bristow had a very busy summer: chairing a session on ‘Abortion, family planning and demography’ at the workshop ‘Reproductive Politics in France and Britain’, University of Cambridge, 5-7 September 2016. Jennie helped to organise two international and widely attended conferences: ‘Parenting and Personhood: Cross-cultural perspectives on expertise, family life and risk management’, at the University of Kent, 22-24 June 2016 (where she presented a paper: ‘Baby Boomers and the discourse of parental irresponsibility: The turn against the Sixties in the present-day cultural script’) and ‘Policing Pregnancy’, a conference held at the Royal College of Physicians, London, on 13 April 2016. Jennie also spoke on a panel at 3 sessions at the Battle of Ideas festival, London, 22-23 October 2016: ‘Generational Inequality: Who Should Pay For The Future?’; ‘What Should Post-Millennials Know?’; and ‘Dating Apps: The End Of Romance?’.

Over the summer Dr Matthew Ogilvie ran a student internship research project with a third year Sociology student Elinor Marris. This project involved researching the UK anti-fracking and anti-wind-farm movements in the UK. Dr Julia Carter and Dr Lorena Arocha also ran a student internship research project over the summer period where the successful intern – Sam King – carried out extensive research on migrant women, power and empowerment. Sam produced a final report and research poster and the research has been submitted as an abstract to present a paper at the British Sociological Association Conference in 2017.

Dr Jesse Potter completed the initial phase of fieldwork on his BA/Leverhulme project entitled Private Life of the Recession. The project looks at women and men made redundant during the recent economic crisis, focusing in particular on individuals who changed occupational trajectories as a result. Jesse spent the summer conducting interviews. While the project is still in its early stages the narratives thus far collected reveal a more intimate side of the recession; detailing how these individuals negotiated periods of significant social, economic, and personal upheaval.



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