Romantic relationships in a time of ‘cold intimacies’

Call for papers: Romantic relationships in a time of ‘cold intimacies’. BSA Early Career workshop and networking event, Monday 17 July 2017, Canterbury Christ Church University. This workshop will focus on bringing together scholars currently working on romantic relationships from a wide range of disciplines within the social sciences.

In the context of a turn towards ‘liquid’ or ‘cold’ intimacies (Bauman, 2003; Illouz, 2007), conceptualising romantic relationships has become a cynical pastime where relations of capital have taken over or destroyed the pure romantic endeavour. Much qualitative and quantitative social research is, however, countering this ‘turn’ by presenting a more complex picture of the processes of change or continuity within contemporary intimate relationships. Given the dispersed nature of these research projects, this workshop provides a space for scholars to come together to find collaborations and synergies within their work.

Description of the event

Each paper will be allocated a 20 minute slot (how this time is used is up to the presenter, e.g. 10-15 min presentation, 5-10 min questions or a different format entirely). There will also be time-slots dedicated to networking where refreshments are provided and a social event will be arranged following the workshop, open to all attendees.

The scope of this workshop is broad and can cover all and any aspects of romantic relationships or personal intimacies. Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Marriage in a climate of divorce
  • Same-sex marriage and weddings since the Equal Marriage Act
  • Alternative intimacies
  • Love and other emotions in couple bonds
  • Dangerous or risky relationships
  • Intimacies across borders
  • Intimacies across gender, race, class, sexuality
  • Weddings and other family rituals
  • Sex and relationships
  • Dating and relating on the internet

Abstract should be no more than 250 words and need to be sent to by Monday 20th March 2017.


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