Hogwarts Bucolic

Sociology’s potential for insight into the absurdities of life is rivalled only by stand-up comedy. The rivalry between sociology and comedy, however, is not scholarly endeavour or the scope of critical insight. Sociologists and comedians share the same terrain in their critique of the social. The problem is one of dissemination: comedians stand up and say it, sociologists are vetted by lengthy publication processes.

The intention of this blog series, Hogwarts Bucolic, tries to attempt some equity on the comedic side of the social and promote sociological thinking through parody and satire. Follow the hashtag #HogwartsBucolic on Twitter and enjoy (hopefully) weekly updates on the comedic side of the social.

About the title: the name ‘Hogwarts Bucolic’ is a homage to excellent stand-up and cultural critic Stewart Lee, taken from his routine on the gentrification of beer and micro-breweries wherein ageing married men become functioning alcoholics by consuming amusingly rude brands: Wizard’s Sleeve, Doggie Style, …Hogwarts Bukkaki…

hogwarts bucolic


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