Giving sleep the attention it deserves: A compendium of sociological blogs on the many aspects of the dormant body

Editor: Daniel Smith

Authors (in order of appearance): Jodie Sewell, Hannah Jacobs, Yasmin Butcher. Lauren Firkins, Natalie White, Lauren Mockridge, Kristina Parker, Mike Osborne, Emma Pole, Marcus Wohlgemuth, Jade Reeve, Thalia Greenglass, Luke Harwood, Miskha Yarrow, Luiza Peries, Hannah Balogun, Sam Stoodley, Charlotte Lavender, Charlotte Higenbottam, Kara Johnson, Sophie West, Michael Harnett, Sophia Drinkwater. Kelly Parfitt, Francesca Wood, Mia Wheeler. Oliver Goodwin.


Simon Williams begins his ‘Sleep and health’ article with the statement: “few sociologists it seems, classical or contemporary, have given sleep the attention it deserves” (Williams, 2002:174) In order to rectify the lapse of sociological attention on sleep, this week the third year sociology students here at Canterbury Christ Church University read Williams’ article and produced blogs on the topic. Continue reading

Why do rich people give? Philanthropic donations and the economic justice of ‘big man societies’

Daniel R. Smith

Why do rich people give away money to charitable causes? Beth Breeze’s (2013) recent piece in Discover Society has an answer: they feel committed to a cause, project or foundation which also allows them to turn their money into an extension of their professional success as capitalists. There is a link between ‘good spending’ and the ‘good life’, she argues. Continue reading