Myths, Power and Reportage: A compendium of sociological blogs on the varieties of cybercrime and cyber-criminals

Editor: Daniel R. Smith

Authors (in order of appearance): Charlie Povah; Amy Gibbons; Gino Ofori-Buahin; Hannah Ellen; Chris Saker; Harry Paterson; Naomi Kreeger; Rebecca Andries; Jayren Dempsey; Hannah Page; Chris Carr; Ana Slezinger; Emma Grassie; Brunelle Bonsu; Emma Cheesman; Fiona Kinghorn; Rebekah Guy; Laura Buxton; Maria Keane; Patrice Ledgister; Alice Rowe; Ellie Bissell.

Editor’s Introduction

Last week the students taking the Crime and Deviance module here at Canterbury Christ Church University had a session on cybercrime, wherein they produced blogs on the topic. We approached the session with the question: what is cybercrime and how does it illustrate features of our late-modern, or postmodern, social reality? Cybercrime was understood from a variety of angles, from its reportage to contemporary examples from MTV’s show Catfish through to WikiLeaks and the reality of hacking, online identity theft. Continue reading